Sunday, February 11, 2018

A Strong Heart Quilt for Project Quilting

I linked up my quilt "Strong Heart" for Project Quilting over at Persimon Dreams.

First, I pulled out all my bright fabrics!

Next, I made a Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart. I used my Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart PDF Pattern.  It's a FREE PDF Downloadable Pattern in my Craftsy Store.

Next, I trimmed it at an angle.

I added borders and cut them at an angle too.

I kept adding more borders.

Here's the photo I shared on Instagram, to say I just got started.

I could have stopped there.... but I decided to use My Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern to create a colorful background.  I cut the strips and pieces smaller in scale than the pattern instructs, to make the background have more pieces and colors. My pattern is designed for 5 fabrics and I was using more than 25 fabrics.

I added borders, next.

I quilted it with 2 thread colors - 2 Color Ribbon Quilting with swirls and hearts every so often.  I stippled in the light pink background around the heart and wiggle line quilted the heart and wiggle line quilted on the first border.

Here's a few up close photos....

I named my quilt "Strong Heart". It's a great name for such a boldly colored quilt. 

More information about the quilt and my Craftsy Pattern that I used to create it:

I used my Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern for the basic part of the quilt. I scaled down the pieces that I cut for the Easy to Sew Pattern, as I wanted smaller sections of the quilt. The Easy to Sew Quilt Pattern is available in My Craftsy Pattern Store  as a PDF Downloadable Pattern.

I also used my Crazee Patch Paper Pieced Heart PDF Pattern.  It is FREE in My Craftsy Pattern Store.

I linked up my post for Project Quilting over at Persimon Dreams. Hop over and check out the beautifully bold and brave quilts that were created this week.

Enjoy your day!


Sunday, February 4, 2018

Thread Painted Barn Quilt Made From Photos

I took 3 photos and created a very personal quilt for a customer.  She sent me a photo of her favorite barn. I took a photo of the cupola and bike in her yard.  She wanted a farm windmill with morning glories like the quilt I made a couple of years ago.  I combined all 3 photos to make an art quilt for her.

The 3 photos.

Click here to the link to the post about the "If I had a Barn Quilt"
I only took a few photos of the construction. Sometimes I forget to take photos.

I first cut out wheels for the bike from fabric. I didn't like them, so I decided it would be best to thread paint them instead. I used sharpie markers to draw and fill in where I would thread paint it.

Next it was ready to quilt/thread paint.

I used a double batting - 80/20 cotton/poly on the bottom and washable wool on the top. It gave it more dimension for the thread painting.

The day I was quilting/thread painting the Barn Quilt, my husband took a photo of me. I needed a photo to display with my art quilts.

I took several photos of the quilting/thread painting up close. On the first one, you can see my name and the year stitched into the black border.


This quilt is on display for the month of February at Old Oak Inn in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin and then it will go to it's new home of my customer.

This is the sign I have on the quilt:

“Barn Quilt”  28” X 26”
SOLD but you can order one from your own barn photos.
This one was designed from 3 photos – of a barn, 
a windmill, and a copula. 
My original quilt design using photos. 
Freestyle Quilting and Thread Painting by Marcia Wachuta
Crafty Sewing and Quilting

Do you have a favorite photo of a place or a flower or something? (but not a person) 
Would you like it made into a Thread Painted Wall Hanging?

My email is

Here are a few more posts of photos that I turned into quilted wall hangings.

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It was made this quilt from this photo.

The next quilt was made for a quilt challenge and had to be all BLUE!  I based it on Vincent van Gogh's vase of flowers.

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Here is my drawing for the Blue Lily.

Click here to the link to the post about the "If I had a Barn Quilt"
Enjoy your day!